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Family Care Books

The Family Care Book series was written to be read at 1, 3, 6 and 11

months during the first year of grief. The holiday book can

be read during the holiday season. The Family Care Series

is helpful at any time and can be re-read when needed.  

Click to read or listen to each book. You can read the books online across all platforms.

You can download and save the books on your computer as well.


Please note: Because of copywrites, The Family Care book series is

the only content that is not available to edit or be used for

commercial printing.  They are provided for private use

by grieving families and caregivers only. 

If you need assistance, please call Lin Findlay @ 315-725-6132


If you would like to start a chat session, please click the Grief Chat

box to the right. Please leave your message and we will connect with you within 24 hours through this new chat feature.

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Loss of a Pet

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